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   LP         Parano Wgen             
 6661STB   Satta Masa Gana   NM  NM  Jam 001 import        100.00  
   Ackles                 David                                       

   LP         Elektra                 
 EKS-75032 American Gothic   VG+ VG+ prod. Bernie Taup      25.00  
   Addeo                  Leo                                         

   LP         RCA                     
 LSA-2414  Paradise Regaine  VG+ VG+                        20.00  
   ADDISS AND CROFUT                                                   

   LP         Verve                   
 V-8519    Such interesting  VG  VG  cvr stains             10.00  
   Alcapone               Dennis                                      

   LP         Attack                  
 1005      Belch it Off      NM  NM  import                 75.00  

   LP         VIK                     
 LX-1094   Love in any lang  VG+ VG+                        20.00  

   LP         Island                  
 ILPS 9399 Aswad             NM  NM                                 
   LP         Mango                   
 MLPS 9711 New Chapter of D  NM  NM  import                 35.00  
   LP         Simba                   
 LP2       To the Top        NM  VG+ Import                 30.00  
   Automatic Man                                                       

   LP         Island                  .
 ILPS 9429 Visitors          NM  NM  cc                     30.00  
   Barclay                Eddie                                       

   LP         Mercury                 
 SR 60167  Twilight Time     VG  VG+ black lbl              15.00  
   Barrett / Smith        Ruth / Cyntia                               

   LP         Kicking Mule            
 KM 238    Music of the Rol  NM  VG+ no lyric sheet         18.00  
   Big Youth                                                           

   LP         Heartbeat               
 HB08      Chanting Dread I  NM  NM  import                 30.00  
   LP         Klik                    
 KLP 9001  Dread Locks Drea  NM  VG+ import                 40.00  
 KLP 9001  Dread Locks Drea  NM  VG+ import                 40.00  
   LP         Trojan                  
 BYD1      Reggae Phenomeno  NM  NM  import 2LP sr          75.00  
 TRLS 123  Natty Cultural D  NM  VG+ sr small tear          40.00  
 TRLS 137  Hit the Road Jac  NM  NM  import                 75.00  
 TRLS 61   Screaming Target  NM  VG+ import                 30.00  
   Big Youth Prince Bust                                               

   LP         FAB                     
 MS. 8     Chi Chi Run       NM  NM  import                200.00  
   Boothe                 Ken                                         

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 120  Freedom Street    MIN MIN import                 75.00  
 TRLS 58   Black Gold & Gre  MIN MIN import                200.00  
 TRLS 83   Let's Get it On   MIN MIN import nude cover      75.00  
 TRLS 95   Everything I Own  MIN MIN import                 30.00  
   Brenny                 Stan                                        

   LP         Mark                    
 MC 3109   Concertina Band   VG  VG+                        12.00  
   Brown                  Al                                          

   LP         Trojan                  .
 TRLS 99   Here I Am Baby    MIN MIN import                100.00  
   Brown                  Dennis                                      

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 107  Just Dennis       MIN MIN import                 75.00  
 TRLS 57   Super Reggae & S  NM  NM  import                 30.00  
   Brown                  Robert E.                                   

   LP         Elektra                 
 EKS-72074 Javanese Court G  NM  VG+                        20.00  
   Bryant                 Anita                                       

   LP         Columbia                
 CS 8869   Country's Best    VG  VG  cvr staining            8.00  
   Buffett                Jimmy                                       

   LP         ABC                     
 AK 1008/2 You Had to Be Th  VG+ VG  2 LP sr w/ Poster      20.00  
   Bunny Wailer                                                        

   LP         Island                  
 ILPS 9415 Black Heart Man   NM  VG+ cc                     35.00  
 ILPS 9512 Protest           NM  NM  cc                     25.00  
   Burning Spear                                                       

   LP         1 Stop                  
 STOP 1001 Social Living     NM  NM  import                100.00  
   LP         Island                  
 ILPS 9377 Marcus Garvey     VG+ VG+                        35.00  
 ILPS 9513 Live              MIN NM                         30.00  
 ILPS 9567 Harder Than the   NM  NM  import                 45.00  
   LP         Mango                   
 MLPS 9431 Dry & Heavy       MIN MIN                        40.00  
 MLPS-9382 Garvey's Ghost    VG+ NM  dub of Marcus Gar      45.00  
   LP         RADIC                   
 RDC 2004  Farover           MIN MIN import                 50.00  
   LP         Studio One              
 SO 1103   Rocking Time      MIN MIN                        50.00  .

   Butler                 Leslie                                      

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 112  Ja-Gan            NM  NM  import                100.00  
   Byles                  Junior                                      

   LP         Micron                  
 0002      Jordan            MIN MIN import - canada        50.00  
   LP         Trojan                  
 TRL 52    Beat Down Babylo  MIN MIN import ORIGINAL       100.00  
   Carle                  Frankie                                     

   LP         RCA                     
 LPM-2148  Carle-Load of Hi  VG  VG  rw                     10.00  
   Cavallaro              Carmen                                      

   LP         Decca                   
 DL 8326   Poetry in Ivory   VG  VG  cvr stains              8.00  

   LP         CHM                     
 79        Sunday in Galile  VG+ VG+ soc sol                12.00  
   Charmers               Lloyd                                       

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 86   Best of           MIN MIN import                100.00  
   Chosen Few                                                          

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 106  Everybody Plays   MIN MIN import                100.00  
 TRLS 131  In Miami          MIN MIN import                 60.00  
 TRLS 56   Hit After Hit     MIN MIN import                100.00  
   Cimarons               The                                         

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 87   In Time           MIN MIN import                100.00  
   LP         Vulcan                  .
 VULA 501  On the Rock       MIN MIN import                 75.00  
   Clarke                 Johnny                                      

   LP         Attack                  
 ATLP 1015 Enter Into His G  NM  NM  import                 40.00  
   LP         Virgin                  
 V2058     Rockers Time Now  MIN NM  import                 40.00  

   LP         Mercury                 
 MGD 16    Accent on String  VG+ VG+ soc                    20.00  
   Cliff                  Jimmy                                       

   LP         EMI                     
 NUT 3     Oh Jamaica        MIN MIN import                125.00  
   LP         Island                  
 ILPS 9235 Struggling Man    MIN MIN                        35.00  
   LP         Mango                   
 MLPS-9202 Harder They Come  MIN NM                         25.00  
   LP         Warner Brothers         
 BSK 3240  Give Thankx       NM  NM  promo embossing        35.00  
   Coleman                Cy                                          

   LP         MGM                     
 SE-4502   Ages of Rock      VG+ VG+                        20.00  
   Collins                Dave & Ansel                                

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 124  In the Ghetto     MIN MIN import                 60.00  
   Companeros de Mexico                                                

   LP         Kapp Medallion          
 MS-7503   Sound of a Choru  VG  VG                         10.00  
   Cook                   Barbara                                     

   LP         MMG                     
 104       It's Better With  VG+ VG+ digital                12.00  .

   CRADDOCK               BILLY "CRASH"                               

   LP         At Ease                 
 MD-11112  His Greatest rec  VG+ VG+ rw Military recor      40.00  
   Curley                 Carlo                                       

   LP         Chalfont                
 SDG 303   Goes Digital      NM  VG+                        20.00  
   Czerny                 Carl                                        

   LP         MHS                     
 3904      School of Veloci  NM  VG+ Vivien Harvey Sla      25.00  
   D                      Bemaster Clay                               

   12"        Breakaway               
            I seen your Boyf  VG+      Promo label            12.00  
            I seen your Boyf  VG+      Promo label            12.00  

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 103  Peace & Love Wad  MIN NM  import                150.00  
   Dailey                 Dan                                         

   LP         Tops                    
 L1598     Mr. Musical Come  G   G   sm splt rw scratc       3.00  
   Damone                 Vic                                         

   LP         Hollywood               
 LPH-123   Thee I Love       VG+ VG  woc sm splt             8.00  
   Daniels                Charlie                                     

   LP         Epic                    
 FE 40760  Powder Keg        NM  NM  coh                    12.00  
   Davies                 Dave                                        

   LP         RCA                     
 AFL1-3603 AFL1-3603         VG+ VG+ Canada coh              8.00  .

   Davis                  Jimmie                                      

   LP         Vocalion                
 VL 73863  Amazing Grace     VG  VG  rw sm splt              3.00  
   Davis                  Miles                                       

   LP         Columbia                
 CL 1355   Kind of Blue      G   G   rw sm splt eyes         8.00  
   Davis                  Sammy, Jr.                                  

   LP         Decca                   
 DL 74153  Mr. Entertainmen  VG+ G   sm splt tear            8.00  
   LP         Reprise                 
 R9-6051   What Kind of Foo  VG+ VG  sr                     10.00  
   Day                    Doris                                       

   LP         Columbia                
 CS 8460   I have Dreamed    VG+ VG  sr                     12.00  
   De BURGH               Chris                                       

   LP         A&M                     
 SP-4929   The Getaway       VG+ VG+                        10.00  
   de los Rios            Waldo                                       

   LP         United Artists          
 UAS-6802  Sinfonias         NM  VG+ sr promo embossin      20.00  
   De Mello               Jack                                        

   LP         Reprise                 
 R9-6017   Music from the L  VG+ VG+ sr                     15.00  
   de Plata               Manitas                                     

   LP         Connoiseur Soc          
 CS-2024   King of Flamenco  VG+ VG+                        40.00  
   LP         Vanguard                
 VRS 9203  Guitarra Flamenc  VG  VG+                        30.00  .

   Debray                 Alain                                       

   LP         RCA                     
 CPL1-0754 Avant Premiere    VG+ VG+ sm splt                20.00  
   Dee                    Joey                                        

   LP         Roulette                
 R 25197   Joey Dee          VG+ VG  sm splt                20.00  
   Deep Purple                                                         

   LP         Warner Brothers         
 W 2766    Burn              VG+ VG                          5.00  
   Dekker                 Desmond                                     

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLD 401  Double Dekker     MIN NM  import 2LP             50.00  
   Delta Kings                                                         

   LP         Kapp                    
 KL-1159   Down the River    VG  VG                         10.00  
   Denny                  Martin                                      

   LP         Liberty                 
 LST-7237  Taste of Honey    VG+ VG                          8.00  
   Denver                 John                                        

   LP         RCA                     
 LSP-4731  Rocky Mountain H  VG+ VG+                        10.00  
   Derek and the Dominos                                               

   LP         Polydor                 
 PD2-3501  Layla             VG+ VG  woc sr                 20.00  
   Di Meola               Al                                          

   LP         Columbia                
 PC 35277  Casino            NM  VG+                        12.00  .

   Diamond                Neil                                        

   LP         Columbia                
 FC 36121  September Morn    VG+ VG+                        10.00  
   LP         MCA                     
 2106      His 12 Greatest   VG+ VG  rw                      8.00  
 2106      His 12 Greatest   VG+ VG+                        12.00  
 2-8000    Hot August Night  VG  VG  rw 2LP                  8.00  
   LP         UNI                     
 93106     STONES            VG+ VG+                        15.00  
 93136     MOODS             VG+ VG+                        18.00  
 93136     MOODS             VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   DICK & DEE DEE                                                      

   LP         Warner Brothers         
 WS 1623   Songs we've Sung  VG+ VG+                        25.00  
   Dietrich               Marlene                                     

   LP         Columbia                
 CL 1275   Lili Marlene      VG  VG  sr sm splts eyes       18.00  
   Dill                   Danny                                       

   LP         Liberty                 
 LST-7301  Folk Songs from   VG  VG  promo label            25.00  

   LP         Poppy                   
 PP-LA175  Tribute to the A  VG+ VG+ sr                     20.00  

   12"        Mango                   
 MS 1007   Cokane / Bucking  NM  NM  3 cuts                 50.00  
   LP         Mango                   
 MLPS 9385 CB200             NM  NM                         35.00  
 MLPS 9455 Bionic Dread      NM  NM                         45.00  
   Dillon                 Phillis                                     

   LP         Trojan                  .
 TRL 41    One Live to Live  MIN MIN import Phylis          50.00  

   LP         Myrrh                   
 682106    Kingdon in the S  VG+ VG+                        18.00  
   Dire Straits                                                        

   LP         Warner Brothers         
 25264     Brother in Arms   NM  NM                         10.00  
   Domingo                Placido                                     

   LP         CBS                     
 38828     Always in my Hea  VG+ G   cat chew on cover       8.00  
 FM 37243  Perhaps Love      VG+ NM  w/ John Denver         15.00  
   Don Cossack Choir                                                   

   LP         Decca                   
 DL 10076  Meadowland        VG+ VG+                        20.00  
 DL 10105  On the River Don  VG+ VG+                        18.00  
   Donaldson              Eric                                        

   LP         Dynamic                 
 DYLP 3003 Keep On Riding    MIN MIN import                 35.00  
   LP         Precision               
 TRL 42    Eric Donaldson    MIN MIN import                100.00  

   LP         Epic                    
 LN 24217  Sunshine Superma  VG  G   soc rw yellow lbl       5.00  

   LP         Elektra                 
 EKS 75038 Full circle       VG+ VG+ cc                     20.00  
 EKS-74079 13                VG+ VG+                        14.00  
   Dowe                   Brent                                       

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 76   Build Me Up       MIN MIN import                 45.00  .

   Dragon                 Carmen                                      

   LP         Capital                 
 P 8384    Russkaya          VG+ VG+                        10.00  
   Drake                  Nick                                        

   LP         Antilles                
 AN 7010   Five Leaves Left  VG+ VG+ sr                     40.00  
 AN 7028   Bryter Layter     VG+ VG  rw                     30.00  
   Dregs                  The                                         

   LP         Arista                  
 AL 9588   Industry Standar  VG+ VG+                        20.00  

   LP         Atlantic                
 SD 8153   Golden Hits       VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Dudek                  Les                                         

   LP         Columbia                
 PC 34397  Say No More       VG+ VG+ sr                     15.00  
   Dumi and the Minanzi   Marimba Ensemble                            

   LP         Voyager                 
 VRLP 404  Rufaro!           VG  VG+ sr soc                 20.00  
   Dunkley                Errol                                       

   LP         Attack                  
 ATLP 1003 Darling ooh!      MIN MIN import original        75.00  
   Duran Duran                                                         

   LP         Capital                 
 ST-12310  Seven and the Ra  VG+ VG+                        10.00  
   DYLAN                  BOB                                         

   LP         COLUMBIA                
 KCS 9463  GREATEST HITS     VG+ VG+                        10.00  
 PC 33235  BLOOD ON THE TRA  VG+ VG+ MURAL BACK             20.00  

   LP         Asylum                  
 6E-103    Hotel California  VG+ VG+                        10.00  
 7E-1039   One of these Nig  VG  VG                          6.00  
 7E-1052   Their Greatest H  VG  VG                          6.00  
 7E-1052   Their Greatest H  VG+ VG+                        10.00  
   Earth Wind & Fire                                                   

   LP         Columbia                
 FC 35647  Best of Vol 1     VG  VG+                        10.00  
 PC 33280  That's the Way o  VG  VG                          8.00  
   Eddy                   Nelson                                      

   LP         Columbia                
 CL 828    in Olkahoma       VG+ VG+ eyes sr                12.00  
   Eddy / Sherwood        Nelson / Gale                               

   LP         Sunset                  
 SUS-5176  Our Love          VG+ VG+                        18.00  
   Edwards                (Wilfred) Jackie                            

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 47   I Do Love You     MIN MIN import                100.00  
   Edwards                Jonathan                                    

   LP         Capricorn               
 SD 862    Jonathan Edwards  VG+ VG  water dmg on cvr       10.00  
   Effect                 the                                         

   12"        Enigma                  
 E 1061    American Design   VG+ VG  5 cuts sr              20.00  
   Electric Light         Orchestra                                   

   LP         Jet                     
 FZ 35769  Discovery         VG  VG+ WLP T&TS               25.00  .

   ELGART                 Les                                         

   LP         Columbia                
 CL-1785   Twist Goes to Co  VG  VG  woc sr eyes            18.00  
   ELGART                 LES & LARRY                                 

   LP         COLUMBIA                
 CS 9311   Sound of the Tim  VG+ VG+ 360                    18.00  
   LP         Swampfire               
 SF-207    Bridge over Trou  VG+ VG+ edge wear              15.00  
   Elliman                Yvonne                                      

   LP         RSO                     
 RS-1-3018 Love Me           VG  VG+ sr wol                 15.00  
   Ellington              Duke                                        

   LP         Atlantic                
 SD 1580   New Orleans Suit  VG+ VG+                        20.00  
 SD 1665   Recollections of  VG+ VG+                        20.00  
   LP         Columbia                
 CS 9629   Greatest Hits     VG+ VG+ sr                     12.00  
   LP         RCA                     
 VPM-6042  This is           VG+ VG+ 2 LP sr                20.00  
   LP         Reprise                 
 R 6154    Ellington '66     VG  VG  sr                     12.00  
   Elmore                 Robert                                      

   LP         Mercury                 
 SR90217   Bach on the Bigg  VG  VG  organ                  10.00  
   English                Joe                                         

   LP         Refuge                  
 R-3746    Lights in the Wo  VG  VG+ sr scuffs              10.00  
   Equitable Chimes                                                    

   LP 10"     Equitable               
 CTV-84282 Best-Loved Chris  VG+ VG  sr                     10.00  .


   LP         RCA                     
 AJL1-5847 Revenge           NM  NM                         18.00  
   Evans                  Merle                                       

   LP         London                  
 SP 44095  Circus Spectacul  VG+ VG+ Ringling Bros. An      15.00  
   Exotic Guitars                                                      

   LP         Ranwood                 
 R 8040    Those Were the D  VG+ VG+                        10.00  
   Eye to Eye                                                          

   LP         Warner Brothers         
 BSK 3570  Eye to Eye        VG+ VG+ woc                    12.00  
   Fabulous 5 inc                                                      

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 129  My Jamaican Girl  NM  NM  import                 50.00  
   Faith                  Percy                                       

   LP         Columbia                
 CS 8908   Great Folk theme  VG+ VG+ 360                    18.00  
   Fanelli                Frank                                       

   LP         Beverly Hills           
 BHS 28    Saturdays only    NM  NM                         25.00  

   LP         Columbia                
 BFC 38662 Fastway           NM  VG+ incl. 7" 33            20.00  

   LP         RCA                     
 LSP-4368  FAT               VG  VG  SOC (big)              10.00  .

   Fenelon                Tony                                        

   LP         Festival                
 933755    in America        NM  VG+ Import, Australia      25.00  
   Fiedler                Arthur                                      

   LP         RCA                     
 LM-2215   Fiedler on Broad  VG+ VG  shaded dog sm spl       8.00  

   LP         Dolton                  
 BLP-2025  Goodnight my Lov  VG+ VG  WLP?                   50.00  
   Floren                 Myron                                       

   LP         Ranwood                 
 R-8141    Great Schottisch  VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Florence               Bob                                         

   LP         Life                    
 L-1001    Bongos / Reeds /  VG+ VG+ sr sm splt             13.00  

   LP         Sire                    
 SAS-7401  Moving Waves      VG+ VG+ sr                     12.00  
   Fogelberg              Dan                                         

   LP         Columbia                
 PC 31751  Home Free         VG+ VG+                        12.00  
   LP         Epic                    
 AL 333137 Souvenirs         VG+ VG+ bar code               12.00  
 PE 34185  Nether Lands      VG  VG  sr                      8.00  
 PE 34185  Nether Lands      VG+ VG+                        15.00  
 QE 38308  Greatest Hits     VG+ VG+                        12.00  
   FOGERTY                JOHN                                        .
   LP         WARNER BROTHERS         
 9 25203-1 CENTERFIELD       VG+ VG+ LYRIC SLEEVE ("VA      12.00  

   LP         Bearsville              
 BR 2136   Foghat            VG+ VG+ sr                     15.00  
 BR 6962   Night Shift       VG+ VG  edge wear sr           12.00  
   Foley                  Red                                         

   LP         Decca                   
 DL 74198  Songs of Devitio  VG+ VG+                        20.00  
   Ford                   Ernie                                       

   LP         Capitol                 
 ST 1604   Hymns at Home     VG  VG  rw sm splts             8.00  
 T 756     Hymns             VG  VG+                        10.00  
 T 888     Ol' Rockin' Ern   VG  VG  rw sm splts            10.00  
   Ford                   Rita                                        

   LP         Columbia                
 CS 9738   Story of Christm  NM  VG+ toc sr 360             10.00  
   LP         Harmony                 
 KH 31577  Christmas with    VG+ VG+ toc sr                  8.00  
   Ford / Horne           Ernie / Marilyn                             

   LP         Capitol                 
 ST 2845   Our Garden of Hy  VG  G+  sr sm splts soc         8.00  

   LP         Atlantic                
 SD 16999  4                 VG+ NM                         10.00  
   Fortress Press                                                      

   LP         Fortress                
            Seasons of the S  VG+ VG  filmstrip soundtr      20.00  
   Four Freshmen                                                       .
   LP         Capitol                 
 T 1103    Favorites Vol 2   VG+ VG  sr                     12.00  
   Four Play (4 Play)                                                  

   12"        Next Plateau            
 50118     We can do the Na  VG+ VG  WLP 3 mixes            20.00  
   Four Seasons                                                        

   LP         Philips                 
 PHM 200-2 2nd Vault of Gol  VG  VG  sr                      7.00  
   LP         Warner Brothers         
 BS 2900   Who Loves You     VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Frampton               Peter                                       

   LP         A&M                     
 SP 4348   Wind of change    VG+ VG+ sr                     15.00  
 SP-3703   Comes Alive       VG+ VG+ 2 lp                   18.00  
   FRANKLIN               ARETHA                                      

   LP         ATLANTIC                
 SD 8139   I never loved a   VG  VG                         15.00  
 SD 8150   Aretha Arrives    G+  VG                          5.00  
   Franks                 Michael                                     

   LP         Reprise                 
 MS 2230   Art of Tea        VG  VG  sr woc                  5.00  
   LP         Warner Brothers         
 BSK 3648  Objects of Desir  VG+ VG+                        18.00  

   LP         A&M                     
 SP-4306   Free Live!        VG  VG  envelope cvr            8.00  

   LP         Elektra                 
 6E-241    Friendship        VG+ VG  woc sr                 15.00  .

   Front Line             COLLECTION                                  

   LP         Virgin                  
 FLB 3002  Front Line III    MIN MIN import                 35.00  
 VC 503    Front Line        MIN MIN import                 25.00  
   G                      KENNY                                       

   LP         ARISTA                  
 AL8-8192  G Force           VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Gabriel                Peter                                       

   LP         Geffen                  
 GHS 24088 So                VG+ VG+                         8.00  
   GALLAGHER              RORY                                        

   LP         Chrysalis               
 CHR 1170  Photo-Finish      VG+ VG+                        20.00  
 CHR 1235  Top Priority      VG+ VG+                        20.00  
   LP         POLYDOR                 
 PD 6510   Sinner.           VG+ VG+ sr                     20.00  
 PD 6519   STORY SO FAR      VG+ VG+ sr                     20.00  
   Galway                 James                                       

   LP         RCA                     
 ARL1-3061 Annie's Song      VG+ VG+                        15.00  

   LP         Elektra                 
 6E-219    1                 VG+ VG+                        18.00  
 6E-288    2                 VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Gap Band               The                                         

   LP         Mercury                 
 SRM1-3758 Gap Band          VG+ VG+                        18.00  
   Garrett                Tommy                                       

   LP         United Artists          
 UAS-5528  Go South o the B  NM  NM  v 3                    25.00  .

   Garson                 Mort                                        

   LP         A&M                     
 SP-4217   Signs of the Zod  NM  VG+                        50.00  
   GEILS BAND             J.                                          

   LP         EMI AMERICA             
 SOO-17062 Freeze Frame      VG+ VG+                        12.00  

   LP         ABC                     
 ABCX-816  Trespass          VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   LP         Atlantic                
 SD 2-2000 Three sides live  VG+ VG+ sr                     18.00  
   LP         Charisma                
 CAS 1666  Live              NM  VG+ mad hatter sr          15.00  
   Georgia Satellites                                                  

   LP         Elektra                 
 E1-60496  Georgia Satellit  VG  VG+                        12.00  
   Getz                   Stan                                        

   LP         Verve                   
 MG V-8188 At the Shrine     G+  P+  2 LP                   10.00  
   Gibb                   Andy                                        

   LP         RSO                     
 RS-1-3-19 Flowing Rivers    VG  VG                          5.00  
   Gibson Brothers                                                     

   LP         Island                  
 ILPS 9579 Cuba              NM  NM  promo sticker          25.00  
   Gilberto               Astrud                                      

   LP         Verve                   
 SW-90649  Shadow of Your S  P+  VG  water dmg cvr  Ca       5.00  .

   Gilley                 Mickey                                      

   LP         Epic                    
 PE 37595  Christmas at Gil  VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Gillis                 Don                                         

   LP 10"     London                  
 LPS 175   Saga of a Prarie           sm splt sr             10.00  
   Gleason                Jackie                                      

   LP         Capitol                 
 W 509     Music, Martinis   G   G   sm splts sol            3.00  
   Golden Gate  Strings                                                

   LP         Epic                    
 LN 24158  Bob Dylan Song B  VG  VG  sr                     25.00  
   Goldenaires Choir      The                                         

   LP         VOX                     
 426.120   Songs of the Sou  VG  VG  stains on cvr          10.00  
   Gomez                  Eddie                                       

   LP         Crown                   
 5043      Caribbean Rendez  VG  VG  sm splt rw              8.00  
   Goodman Quartet        Benny                                       

   LP         RCA                     
 LPM-2698  Together Again    VG  VG  sr                     10.00  
   Gordon                 Claude                                      

   LP         Liberty                 
 LRP 3022  Jazz for Jean-Ag  VG+ VG  sm splts               18.00  
   Gordon                 Robert                                      

   LP         RCA                     
 AYL1-5165 Too Fast to Live  NM  NM  RE                     15.00  .

   Gould                  Morton                                      

   LP         Columbia                
 ML 4858   Wagon Wheels      VG+ VG  sr eyes                 8.00  
   LP         RCA                     
 LSC-2224  Where's the Melo  VG+ VG  shaded dog rw          12.00  
   LP         Varese Saraband         
 CVS 55001 Exploring the Di  VG+ VG+ SR                     15.00  
   LP         Varese Sarabnde         
 1000.20   Digital Space     NM  VG+ SR                     25.00  
   Goulet                 Robert                                      

   LP         Columbia                
 LE 10087  This Christmas I  VG+ VG  sr cvr corner dam       8.00  
   Grand Funk Railroad                                                 

   LP         Capitol                 
 SABB-1104 Mark, Don & Mel   VG+ VG  rw 2LP                 10.00  
 SKAO-471  Closer to Home    VG  VG  sr                      8.00  
 SWAE-1127 Shinin' On        VG+ VG  3-D cover, insert      12.00  
   Grateful Dead                                                       

   LP         Arista                  
 AL-7001   Terrapin Station  VG+ NM                         20.00  
   LP         Warner Brothers         
 W 2764    Skeletons from t  VG+ NM  palm label             20.00  
 W 2764    Skeletons from t  NM  NM  re white label         15.00  
 WS 1790   AoxomoxoA         VG+ VG+ sr green label         20.00  
   Gray                   Claude                                      

   LP         Hilltop                 
 JS 6051   Treasure of Love  SS  NM  Sealed                 15.00  

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 27   Black and White   MIN NM  import                 50.00  
   Griffiths              Marcia                                      .
   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 94   Sweet Bitter Lov  NM  NM  import                 30.00  
   Grusin                 Dave                                        

   LP         GRP                     
 GR-1037   Cinemagic         SS  NM  Sealed                 20.00  
   Guess Who                                                           

   LP         RCA                     
 ANL1-1171 Wheatfield Soul   VG+ VG  re                     20.00  
 LSP-4141  So Long, Bannaty  VG  G+  rw sm splt             15.00  
 LSP-4574  Wheatfield Soul   VG+ VG  folder orig sleev      25.00  
   Guitars Unlimited                                                   

   LP         Capitol                 
 ST 173    Tender is the Ni  NM  VG+ "FREE" Promo punc      20.00  
   Gullin                 Lars                                        

   LP         Emarcy                  
 MG 36059  with the Moreton  VG  P                          20.00  
   Guthrie                Arlo                                        

   LP         Reprise                 
 RS 6299   Arlo              VG+ VG+ sr steamboat labe      20.00  
   LP         United Artists          
 UAS 5195  Alice's Restaura  VG  VG+ sr Soundtrack          18.00  
   Hagan and his Trocade  "Bald" Bill                                 

   LP         Stereo-Fidelity         
 SF-16800  Music to Strip B  VG  G+  sm splt                 8.00  
   Hagar                  Sammy                                       

   LP         Capitol                 
 SMAS-1181 All Night Long    G+  G+  sr                      3.00  
   Hall                   Freddy                                      

   LP         Promenade               .
 2094      Gay Nineties      VG+ VG+ sr                     10.00  
   Hall                   Jim                                         

   LP         Milestone               
 MSP 9037  Where Would I be  VG+ VG+ sr                     15.00  
   Halpern                Steven                                      

   LP         Halpern Sounds          
 HS 771    Zodiac Suite      VG+ VG+                        20.00  
   Hancock                Herbie                                      

   LP         Columbia                
 JC 34907  Sunlight          VG+ VG+ sr                     12.00  
 PC 33812  Man-Child         VG+ VG+                        12.00  
   Harlequin Mass                                                      

   LP         MARS                    
 MAS 333   Harlequin Mass    VG+ VG+ sr RARE               100.00  
   Harriott               Derrick                                     

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 116  Greatest Reggae   MIN MIN import                 25.00  
   Harris                 Emmylou                                     

   LP         Warner Brothers         
 BS 2998   Luxury Liner      VG+ VG+                        12.00  
   Harter                 Bob                                         

   LP         Liberty                 
 LRP-3330  Songbag           VG+ VG  WLP                    25.00  
   Havens                 Richie                                      

   LP         MGM                     
 SE-4698   Mixed Bag         VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   LP         Stormy forest           
 SFS 6005  Alarm Clock       VG+ VG  rw                     10.00  
 SFS 6013  Portfolio         VG+ VG  with prints            25.00  .


   LP         Atco                    
 SD 36-115 Warrior on the E  VG+ VG+ sr                     30.00  
   LP         UNITED ARTISTS          
 UA-LA328  Hall of the Moun  VG  VG  rw                     10.00  
   Hayes                  Isaac                                       

   LP         ABC                     
 ABCD-923  Disco Connection  VG+ VG+ coh                    15.00  
   Hayman                 Richard                                     

   LP         Wing                    
 MGW 12124 My Fair Lady      VG  VG  sm splits               6.00  
   Heaps                  Porter                                      

   LP         Summit                  
 SHF 1007  Beautiful Dreame  NM  VG+ organ                  10.00  

   LP         Mushroom                
 MRS-5005  Dreamboat Annie   VG+ VG+ sr folder              15.00  
 MRS-5008  MAGAZINE          VG+ VG+ sr                     10.00  
   LP         Portrait                
 JR34799   Little Queen      VG+ VG+                        10.00  
 JR34799   Little Queen      VG+ VG+ fan club insert        12.00  
   Heath                  Ted                                         

   LP         LONDON                  
 PS 138    Swing Session     VG  VG  BLUE BACK              10.00  
   Heckscher              Ernie                                       

   LP         Earl                    
 EH 1800   Nostalgia on Nob  VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Heidt                  Horace                                      

   LP         Hindsight               .
 HSR-194   The Uncollected   VG+ VG+                        18.00  
 HSR-202   The Uncollected   VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Henderson              Charles                                     

   LP         Decca                   
 DL 79081  Collegiana        VG  VG  folder                 10.00  
   Henderson              Skitch                                      

   LP         Columbia                
 MS 6381   Winter Holiday    VG  VG  360 sr                 10.00  
   Hendrix                Jimi                                        

   LP         Capitol                 
 STAO-472  Band of Gypsys    VG  VG  rw                      8.00  
   LP         Pickwick                
 SPC 3528  Jimi              NM  NM                         15.00  
   LP         Reprise                 
 MS 2025   Smash Hits        VG  VG  rw steamboat           10.00  
 MS-2040   Rainbow Bridge    VG  VG  rw sm splts            20.00  
   Henley                 Don                                         

   LP         Elektra                 
 E1-60048  I Can't Stand St  VG+ VG+                         8.00  
   Henske                 Judy                                        

   LP         Elektre                 
 EKL-241   High Flying Bird  VG  VG+ orig                   15.00  

   LP         Mango                   
 MLPS 9456 Party Time        MIN MIN                        50.00  
   LP         Studio One              
 SO 1108   Best of           MIN MIN                        75.00  
   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 128  Cool Rasta        NM  NM  import                 50.00  
   Heptones & Friends                                                  

   LP         Attack                  .
 ATLP 1001 Vol 2             MIN MIN import                 75.00  
   Highwaymen             The                                         

   LP         United Artists          
 UAL 3294  Hootenanny with   VG  VG  rw sm splt              8.00  
   Hillside Singers                                                    

   LP         Metromedia              
 KMD 1051  I'd Like to Teac  VG  VG+                        12.00  
   Hines                  Justin                                      

   LP         Island                  
 ILPS 9416 Jezebel           NM  VG+ cc                     75.00  
   Hirt                   Al                                          

   LP         RCA                     
 ANL!-1939 Our Man in New O  VG+ VG+ reissue                10.00  
   Holiday                Billie                                      

   LP         Verve                   
 MGV-8096  Velvet Mood       VG  VG+ surf scratch           40.00  
   Holliday               Judy                                        

   LP         Columbia                
 OL 5170   Bells are Ringin  VG  G   rw sm splts toc e       5.00  
   Holly                  Buddy                                       

   LP         Coral                   
 CRL 75749 Greatest Hits     VG  VG  sr                     15.00  
   Hollyridge Strings                                                  

   LP         Capitol                 
 ST 2156   Beach Boys Song   VG  VG  rainbow sr              8.00  
   Holmes                 Leroy                                       

   LP         United Artists          
 UAL 3272  All Time Latin F  VG+ VG  WLP toned cover        20.00  .
 UAS-6806  No, No, Nanette   NM  VG+                        20.00  
   Holmes                 Rupert                                      

   LP         Infinity                
 INF 9020  Partners in Crim  VG+ VG  woc                    10.00  
   Holt                   John                                        

   LP         Attack                  
 ATLP 1010 A Love I Can Fee  MIN MIN import                 75.00  
   LP         Dynamic                 
 DY3325    Still in Chains   MIN MIN import trls disc       55.00  
   LP         Klik                    
 KLP 9021  Before the Next   NM  NM  import                100.00  
   LP         Melodisc                
 MLP12-180 OK Fred           MIN NM  import                 80.00  
   LP         Studio One              
 SO 1105   Greatest Hits     MIN MIN                        50.00  
   LP         Trojan                  
 TBL 184   Pledging My Love  MIN MIN import                 75.00  
 TRLS 55   Sings for "I"     MIN MIN import                 60.00  
 TRLS 75   1000 Volts of Ho  MIN MIN import                 50.00  
 TRLS 85   Dusty Roads       MIN MIN import                 35.00  

   LP         Epic                    
 KE 33094  Honk              NM  NM                         15.00  

   LP         Stereo Fidelity         
 SF-11300  Sing Along with   VG+ VG+ sr                     10.00  
   Hopkins                Lightning                                   

   LP         Vault                   
 129       California Mudsl  VG+ VG+ promo sticker          25.00  
   Horne                  Lena                                        

   LP         RCA                     
 LSO-1028  at the Waldorf A  VG+ VG  sm splt dog            20.00  .

   Hornsby                Bruce                                       

   LP         RCA                     
 AFL1-5904 The Way it Is     NM  NM                         15.00  
   Hot Tuna                                                            

   LP         RCA                     
 LSP-4353  Hot Tuna          VG  VG  sr orange label         8.00  
   Hudson                 Keith                                       

   LP         Virgin                  
 V2056     Too Expensive     MIN MIN import                 40.00  
   HUGO & LUIGI                                                        

   LP         RCA                     
 LPM-2369  Summer Camp Song  VG  VG  rw stampoc sm spl       6.00  
   Human League                                                        

   LP         A&M                     
 SP-4892   Dare              NM  NM                         18.00  
   Humble Pie                                                          

   LP         A&M                     
 SP-3506   Performance       VG+ VG  rw 2 LP                20.00  
   Humperdink             Engelbert                                   

   LP         MAM                     
 35031     Christmas Tyme    VG+ VG+ sr                     10.00  
   LP         Tee Vee                 
 TV 1073   20 Greatest Hits  VG  VG  rw                      3.00  
   Husker DÜ                                                           

   LP         Warner Brothers         
 1-25385   Candy Apple Grey  NM  NM                         20.00  
   I Roy                                                               .
   LP         Grounation              
 GROL 504  Truths and Right  NM  NM  import                 50.00  
   LP         Klik                    
 KLP 9020  Dread Bald Head   NM  VG+ import                 40.00  
   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 63   Presenting        NM  NM  import                100.00  
 TRLS 71   Hell and Sorrow   NM  NM  import                100.00  
 TRLS 91   Many Moods of     NM  NM  import                 80.00  
   LP         Virgin                  
 CA 2011   Crisus Time       NM  NM  import                100.00  
 FLD 6002  The General / Sp  MIN NM  import 2LP            200.00  
   Ian                    Janis                                       

   LP         Columbia                
 JC 36139  Night Rains       VG+ VG+                        12.00  
   LP         Verve                   
 FT 3017   Janis Ian         VG+ VG  rw                      8.00  
 FTS-3063  Who Really Cares  VG+ VG  rw                     15.00  
   IAN & SYLVIA                                                        

   LP         MGM                     
 SE-4388   LOVIN' SOUND      VG  VG  SR                     15.00  
   Iglesia                Julio                                       

   LP         Columbia                
 QC-39157  1100 Bel air Pla  VG+ VG+ lyric insert           15.00  

   LP         Myrrh                   
 80376     Free the Fire     VG+ VG+                        15.00  

   Inner Circle                                                        

   LP         Capitol                 
 ST-11664  Ready for the Wo  NM  NM  coh                    30.00  .
   LP         Island                  
 ILPS 9558 Everything is Gr  NM  NM  promo sticker          30.00  
   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 114  Blame it On the   NM  NM  import                 50.00  
 TRLS 93   Rock the Boat     MIN VG+ import                125.00  
   Isaacs                 Gregory                                     

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 102  In Person         MIN MIN import                 30.00  
 TRLS 121  All I Have is Lo  MIN MIN import                 65.00  
   Isaak                  Chris                                       

   LP         Warner Brothers         
 1-25156   Silvertone        NM  NM                         20.00  
   Isley Brothers                                                      

   LP         T Neck                  
 TNS 3001  It's Your Thing   VG  VG  sr sm splt stains      10.00  
   Ives                   Burl                                        

   LP         Decca                   
 DL 4734   Burl's Choice     G   VG  rw                      5.00  
   Jackson                Jermaine                                    

   12"        Arista                  
 AD1-9876  Don't Take it Pe  VG  VG+ 3 cuts                 10.00  
   Jackson                Joe                                         

   LP         A&M                     
 SP 4743   Look sharp        VG+ VG+                        15.00  
 SP-4794   I'm the Man       VG+ VG+                        15.00  
 SP-4906   Night and Day     NM  NM                         10.00  
   Jackson                Michael                                     

   LP         Epic                    
 FE 35745  Off the Wall      VG+ VG+ gatefold               10.00  
 FE 35745  Off the Wall      VG  VG+ gatefold                8.00  
 QE-38112  Thriller          VG+ VG+ orig - bi-fold         10.00  .

   Jackson Five                                                        

   LP         Motown                  
 MS 735    Maybe Tomorrow    VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Jah Lion                                                            

   LP         Mango                   
 MLPS-9386 Columbia Colly    NM  NM                         80.00  
   Jah Woosh                                                           

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 133  Dreadlocks Affai  NM  NM  import                 80.00  
   James                  Bob                                         

   LP         Columbia                
 JC 34896  Heads             VG  VG  rw sm splt              4.00  
   James                  Tommy                                       

   LP         Roulette                
 SR 42040  Best of           VG+ VG  rw                     10.00  
   LP         Scepter                 
 18025     Best of           VG+ VG+ sr                     10.00  
   Jan & Dean                                                          

   LP         Liberty                 
 LST-7361  Dead Man's Curve  VG  VG  sr sm splts wol        10.00  
 LST-7368  Rice the Wild Su  VG  VG  sr sm splts wol        10.00  
 LST-7377  Little Old Lady   VG  VG  rw sm splts wol        10.00  
   Jaramillo              Julio                                       

   LP         Onix                    
 25239     Embajador del Bo  VG+ VG  sm splt                20.00  
   Jarre                  Jean-Michel                                 

   LP         Polydor                 
 PD-1-6325 Magnetic Fields   NM  VG+                        15.00  .

   Jarrett                Keith                                       

   LP         ECM                     
 ECM-2-106 Koln concert      NM  VG+                        25.00  
 ECM-2-109 Staircase         VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Jefferson Starship                                                  

   LP         Grunt                   
 BFL1-0717 Dragon Fly        VG+ VG  rw                      5.00  
 BXL-1-251 Earth             VG+ VG+                        10.00  
 BXL-1-251 Earth             VG+ VG+                        10.00  
 BZL1-3848 Modern times      VG+ VG+                        10.00  
   LP         RCA                     
 LSP-4448  Blows Against th  VG+ VG  rw                      8.00  
   Jeffreys               Garland                                     

   LP         Epic                    
 JE 36983  Escape Artist     VG+ VG+ coh sr                 10.00  
   Jerome                 Henry                                       

   LP         Decca                   
 DL 74106  Plays songs ever  VG+ VG  sr sm splt             10.00  
   JETHRO TULL                                                         

   LP         Chrysalis               
 CHR 1067  War Child         VG+ VG  sr                     10.00  
 CHR 1082  MINSTREL IN THE   VG  VG                          8.00  
   Jett                   Joan                                        

   LP         Boardwalk               
 NB!-33243 I love Rock 'n    VG+ VG+                        10.00  
   Jobim                  Antonio Carlos                              

   LP         A&M                     
 SP-9-3002 Wave (Audiophile  NM  NM                         40.00  
   Joel                   Billy                                       

   LP         Columbia                .
 FC36384   Glass Houses      VG+ VG+                         5.00  
   Johnson                Walt                                        

   LP         J and R CMS             
 4801      Oulun Poika Laul  NM  NM  Finnish                10.00  
   Johnson / Winding      J.J. / Kai                                  

   LP         Columbia                
 CL 973    abcdef..          VG  G   rw sm splt              5.00  
   Jonah                  Jones                                       

   LP         RCA                     
 LPM-2004  At the Embers     VG  VG  sr scratch on 1 c      10.00  
   Jones                  Grandpa                                     

   LP         Starday                 
 SD-3008   16 Greatest Hits  VG+ NM                         20.00  
   Jones                  Jack                                        

   LP         KAPP                    
 K 3399    Christmas Album   VG  VG  sr                      4.00  
   Jones                  Rickie Lee                                  

   LP         Warner Brothers         
 BSK 3296  Rickie Lee Jones  VG+ VG+                        15.00  
 BSK 3296  Rickie Lee Jones  VG+ VG+ sm                     12.00  
 BSK 3432  Pirates           VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Jones / Gray           Jonah / Glen                                

   LP         Capitol                 
 T 1660    Jonah Jones / gl  VG+ VG  sr sm splt             10.00  

   LP         RCA                     
 MKL-1198  Volume II         VG+ VG                         30.00  
   Journey                                                             .
   LP         Columbia                
 TC 37408  ESC4P3            VG+ VG+                        20.00  
 TC 37408  ESC4P3            VG  VG+                        15.00  
   Judge Dread                                                         

   LP         Klik                    
 KLP 9008  Best of           NM       import NO JACKET       30.00  
   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 100  Working Class 'e  VG+ NM  import                 50.00  
 TRLS 60   Dreadmania        NM  NM  import                 75.00  
   Kaempfert              Bert                                        

   LP         Decca                   
 DL 75059  My Way of Life    VG+ VG+                        12.00  

   LP         Abattoir                
 0002      Kalapana          VG+ VG  folder slight cvr      18.00  
   Kalfa                  Mark                                        

   12"        Vendetta                
 7018      Once Around the   VG+ VG  promo label 6 mix      10.00  

   LP         MCA                     
 MCA-2245  Kalyan            VG+ VG+                        30.00  
   Kantner / Slick        Paul / Grace                                

   LP         Grunt                   
 FTR-1002  Sunfighter        VG+ VG+ sr                     20.00  
   Kapp Sinfonietta                                                    

   LP         Kapp                    
 KC-9069   Toys + Orchestra  VG+ VG+ Bach, Mozart, Lac      25.00  
   Karloff                Boris                                       

   LP         Mr. Pickwick            .
 SPC-5156  Legend of Sleepy  VG+ VG  Rip Van Winkle         30.00  
   Keaggy                 Phil                                        

   LP         Sparrow                 
 SPR 1036  Ph'lip Side       VG+ VG+ edge wear              15.00  
   Keaggy Band            Phil                                        

   LP         Sparrow                 
 EMR 4602  Emerging          VG+ VG+ lyric sheet            15.00  
   Keawe                  Genoa                                       

   LP         49th State              
 3402      On the Beach      VG+ VG  sr sm splt             25.00  
 3405      Enchanting Hawai  VG+ VG  sm splt sr             25.00  
   Kenton                 Stan                                        

   LP         London                  
 BP 44179- Stan Kenton Toda  VG+ VG  2 LP sr                15.00  
   Kerr                   Anita                                       

   LP         Warner Brothers         
 3WS 1730  Sea, Earth, Sky   NM  VG+ Box Rod McKuen         30.00  
   Kesner                 Dick                                        

   LP         Coral                   
 CRL 57376 Gypsy Music       VG+ VG+ sr                     15.00  
 CRL 57393 Amor Latino       NM  VG+ sr                     18.00  
   Kim                    Andy                                        

   LP         Capitol                 
 ST-11318  Andy Kim          NM  VG+                        18.00  
   King                   Pete                                        

   LP         Dot                     
 DLP 25810 Intermezzo        VG+ VG+                        18.00  
   King                   Wayne                                       .
   LP         Decca                   
 DL 74630  Our Language of   VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   King Crimson                                                        

   LP         Warner Brothers         
 23692-1   Beat              VG+ VG+                        12.00  
   King Family                                                         

   LP         Warner Brothers         
 WS 1613   King Family Albu  VG+ NM                         20.00  
   Kingbees               The                                         

   LP         RSO                     
 RS-1-3075 Kingbees          VG+ VG  WLP rw                 20.00  
   King's Singers         The                                         

   LP         Moss Music Grou         
 MMG 1111  Swing             NM  VG+                        20.00  
   Kingsmen               Quartet                                     

   LP         Custom Fidelity         
 CF 1354   Second Time Arou  VG+ VG+                        25.00  

   LP         Casablanca              
 NBLP 7025 Destroyer         VG+ VG+                        12.00  
 NBLP 7028 Alive!            VG+ VG+ 2 LP w/booklet         24.00  
   Klugh                  Earl                                        

   LP         Blue Note               
 BN-LA737  Finger Paintings  G+  G+  rw scuffs               3.00  
   LP         Liberty                 
 LT-51113  Crazy for You     VG  VG  sr                      8.00  
   LP         United Artists          
 UA-LA877  Magic in Your Ey  VG+ VG+ sr                     18.00  
   Klugh / James          Earl / bob                                  .
   LP         Capitol                 
 SMAS-1224 Two of a Kind     VG+ VG+ purple lbl             15.00  
 SMAS-1224 Two of a Kind     NM  VG+ rainbow lbl            20.00  
   Knack                  The                                         

   LP         Capitol                 
 SO-11948  Get the Knack     P+  P   eccch!                  2.00  
   Knight                 Gladys                                      

   LP         Buddah                  
 BDS 5653  Best of (& Pips)  VG+ VG+ sr fan club inser      18.00  
   Kool & The Gang                                                     

   LP         DeLite                  
 DSR-9518  Celebrate         VG+ VG+ edge wear              10.00  
   Kostelanetz            Andre                                       

 KG 31491  Plays Cole Porte  VG+ VG+ 2LP Douglas Fairb      20.00  
   LP         Columbia                
 C 31002   Plays Chicago     VG+ VG  sr                     12.00  
 CL 1431   Gypsy Passion     VG+ VG  sm splt eyes           15.00  
 CL 771    Kreisler Romberg  VG+ VG+ sr eyes                25.00  
 CS 9409   Sound of Today    NM  NM  360                    12.00  
   LP         Harmony                 
 KH 31500  The Godfather     VG  VG  sr soc                  6.00  
   Kottke                 Leo                                         

   LP         Capitol                 
 ST 11426  Chewing Pine      VG+ VG+ sr                     18.00  
 ST-11000  Greenhouse        VG+ VG+ sm splt sr             15.00  
 ST-11262  Ice Water         VG+ VG+ sr                     15.00  
 ST-11262  Ice Water         VG+ VG  sr stains              10.00  
 ST-11335  Dreams and all T  VG+ NM                         15.00  
 SWBC-1186 The Best          VG+ VG+ sr 2LP                 18.00  
   LP         Chrysalis               
 CHR-1106  Leo Kottke        VG+ NM                         12.00  
   LP         Takoma                  
 C-1024    6 & 12 String Gu  VG+ VG  sm splt sr             18.00  
 C-1024    6 & 12 String Gu  VG+ NM                         25.00  .


   LP         CAPITOL                 
 SN-16380  RADIO-ACTIVITY    SS  NM                         25.00  
   LP         VERTIGO                 
 VEL-2003  AUTOBAHN          VG+ VG+ sr                     15.00  
   Kristofferson          Kris                                        

   LP         Monument                
 KZ 31302  Border Lord       VG+ VG  edge wear              12.00  

   LP         Ariola                  
 ARL 5064  Hardware          VG+ VG+ Import - british       16.00  
   Ladysmith Black Mamba                                               

   LP         Shanachie               
 43030     Ulwandle Oluncgw  VG+ NM                         20.00  
   Lambert, Hendricks &                                                

   LP         RCA                     
 LPM-2635  Basin Street Eas  VG  VG  sr                     15.00  
   LANZA                  MARIO                                       

   LP         RCA                     
 LSC-2331  Mario!            VG  VG  shaded dog             12.00  
   LAWRENCE & GORME       STEVE & EYDIE                               

   LP         ABC-Paramount           
 ABCS-300  We Got Us         VG+ VG  sm splts               15.00  
   LP         Coral                   
 CRL 57336 Steve and Eydie   G+  VG                         10.00  
   Laws                   Hubert                                      

   LP         Columbia                
 JC 35708  Land of Passion   VG+ VG+                        18.00  .

   Laws                   Ronnie                                      

   LP         United Artists          
 LT-1001   Every Generation  VG+ VG+ woc                    15.00  
   Lawson / Haggart       Yank / Bob                                  

   LP         Atlantic                
 SD 1570   World's Greatest  NM  NM                         20.00  
   Layton                 Eddie                                       

   LP         Wing                    
 SRW 16273 Caravan           VG+ VG+ sr                     15.00  
   Lee                    Alvin                                       

   LP         RSO                     
 RS-1-3033 Ten Years Later   VG+ VG+                        20.00  
   Lee                    Brenda                                      

   LP         Decca                   
 DL 4039   Brenda Lee        VG  VG  toning 1st LP          15.00  
   Lee                    Byron                                       

   LP         Dynamic                 
 DYLP 3002 Sparrow Dragon A  MIN MIN import                 40.00  
   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 8    Sparrow Meets th  MIN MIN import                 70.00  
   Lee                    Joni                                        

   LP         MCA                     
 MCA-2194  Joni Lee          NM  VG+ cc                     20.00  
   Lee                    Peggy                                       

   LP         Capitol                 
 ST 1520   Basin Street Eas  VG+ VG  sm splts               12.00  
   Lee & the Dragonaires  Byron                                       .
   LP         Dragon                  
 DRLS 5001 Reggae Round the  MIN MIN import                 50.00  
   LP         Dynamic Sounds          
 DRLS 5006 Midas Touch       MIN MIN import                 75.00  
   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 18   Reggae with       MIN MIN import                 35.00  
 TRLS 40   Reggay Hot Cool   MIN MIN import                 60.00  
   Leinsdorf              Erich                                       

   LP         Capitol                 
 SP 8446   Portraits in Sou  VG+ VG+                        10.00  
   Lendzian               Klaus                                       

   LP         Island Crest            
 44264     Stillpoint        NM  NM                         25.00  
   Lenya                  Lotte                                       

   LP         Columbia                
 KL 5056   Sings Berlin The  VG+ VG+ Kurt Weill sr          40.00  
 MG 30087  Lotte Lenya Albu  VG+ VG+ 2 LP sr                30.00  
   Lerner Loewe & Cheval                                               

   LP         MGM                     
 E4015 P   Lerner & Loewe &  SS  VG+ coh SEALED sr          25.00  
   Levine                 James                                       

   LP         RCA                     
 ARL1-2243 Plays Scott Jopl  VG+ VG+                        12.00  
   Lewis                  Barbara                                     

   LP         Atlantic                
 8086      Hello Stranger    VG+ VG  WLP !                 100.00  
   Lewis                  Gary                                        

   LP         Liberty                 
 LST-7435  She's Just My St  VG+ VG+ scuffs                 18.00  .

   Lewis                  Hopeton                                     

   LP         Dragon                  
 DRLS 5008 Dynamic           MIN MIN import                100.00  
   Lewis                  Huey                                        

   LP         Chrysalis               
 CHR 1340  Picture This      NM  NM                         12.00  
   Lewis                  Shirley                                     

   12"        A&M                     
 VE-7033   You Can't Hide    VG  VG  5 mixes                 6.00  
   Lewis                  Ted                                         

   LP         RKO                     
 ULP-143   Me and My Shadow  VG+ VG  sr                     20.00  

   LP         AVI                     
 1V 8067   Masterpiece       VG+ VG  sr                     10.00  
 2V 8066   Candlelight Love  VG+ VG  2 LP rw                15.00  
   LP         Columbia                
 CL 727    Liberace at Home  VG+ VG+ eyes                   20.00  
   LP         Coral                   
 CRL 75734 At the London Pa  VG+ VG+                        20.00  
   Light                  Enoch                                       

   LP         Command                 
 RS 805 SD Paperback Ballet  VG+ VG+ sm splt                25.00  
 RS 818 SD Big bold and Bra                                  20.00  
   Lightfoot              Gordon                                      

   LP         Reprise                 
 MS 2177   Sundown           VG  G+  woc stains rw           4.00  

   LP         Evolution               .
 3016      Sunny Days        VG+ VG  rw                     18.00  
   Little Egypt                                                        

   LP         Roulette                
 R-25225   More How to Bell  VG+ G+  w/booklet              12.00  
   Little Feat                                                         

   LP         Warner Brothers         
 BS 2686   Dixie Chicken     VG+ VG+                        12.00  
 BS 3015   Time Loves a Her  VG+ VG+                        10.00  
   Little River Band                                                   

   LP         Capitol                 
 SOO-11954 First Under the   VG  VG+ orig slv               10.00  
   LP         Harvest                 
 SW-11645  Diamantina Cockt  NM  VG+                        18.00  
   Living Guitars                                                      

   LP         Camden                  
 CAS-766   Big Guitar Sound  VG+ VG+ green label            10.00  
   Living Voices                                                       

   LP         Camden                  
 CAS 674   Sing Songs of th  VG  VG+ green label             7.00  
   Livingston             Dandy                                       

   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 45   Dandy Livingston  MIN MIN import                 75.00  
   Lloydie & the Lowbite                                               

   LP         Lowbite                 
 001       Censored          MIN MIN import                100.00  

   LP         Big Tree                
 2013      of a Simple Man   VG+ VG                         15.00  .

   Lodge                  John                                        

   LP         London                  
 PS 683    Natural Avenue    VG+ VG+ sr lyric sheet         25.00  
   Lofgren                Nils                                        

   LP         A&M                     
 SP-4628   I Came to Dance   VG+ VG+ sr CRC issue           15.00  
   Loggins                Kenny                                       

   LP         Columbia                
 JC 35387  Nightwatch        VG+ NM                         15.00  
 JC 36172  Keep the Fire     VG+ VG+                        15.00  
 PC 34655  Celebrate Me Hom  VG+ VG+ sr                     12.00  
 PC 34655  Celebrate Me Hom  VG+ G+                          8.00  
 PC 34655  Celebrate Me Hom  VG+ VG+                        12.00  
   LOGGINS & MESSINA                                                   

   LP         Columbia                
 C 31044   Sittin' In        VG+ VG                         10.00  
 KC 31748  Loggins and Mess  VG+ VG+                        12.00  
 KC 32540  Full Sail         VG+ VG  rw                     10.00  
 PC 31044  Sittin' In        VG+ G+                          5.00  
 PC 32540  Full Sail         VG+ VG+                        12.00  
 PC 33175  Mother Lode       VG+ VG+                        12.00  
 PC 34388  Best of. Friends  VG  VG  sr                      6.00  
   Lombardo               Guy                                         

   LP         Capitol                 
 ST 2639   The Sweetest Sou  VG+ VG+                                
   London                 Jimmy                                       

   LP         Impact                  
 TRLS 39   Bridge Over Trou  MIN MIN import                 75.00  
 TRLS 39   Bridge Over Trou  MIN MIN import                100.00  
   Lonesome Pine Fiddler                                               

   LP         Starday                 
 SLP 155   14 Mountain Song  VG  G+  woc seam split          7.00  .

   Longet                 Claudine                                    

   LP         A&M                     
 SP 4129   Look of Love      VG+ VG+ sr                     15.00  
   Longines Symphonette                                                

   LP         Longines                
 LWP-106   Observatory Hono  VG+ VG  sr                     10.00  
 LWS-155   Sweet Voices of   VG+ VG  sr                      6.00  
 SYS 5168  Melodies for Med  VG+ VG+                        10.00  
   Looking Glass                                                       

   LP         Epic                    
 KE 31320  Looking Glass     VG+ VG  sr                     12.00  
   Lorber Fusion          Jeff                                        

   LP         Arista                  
 AB 4234   Water Sign        VG+ VG  sr edge wear           18.00  
 AL 9516   Wizard Island     VG+ VG+ sr woc                 25.00  
   LP         Inner City              
 1056      Soft Space        VG+ VG+ sr woc                 25.00  
   Lourie (& Jed)         Dick                                        

   LP         Folkways                
 FC 7547   Small Voice, Big  NM  VG+ woc                    25.00  

   LP         Columbia                
 FC 37638  Get Lucky         VG+ VG+                        10.00  
   Luboff                 Norman                                      

   LP         Columbia                
 CL 545    Easy to Remember  VG+ VG+ sr eyes                14.00  
 CL 657    Songs of the Wes  NM  VG+ woc sr                 20.00  
   Lund                   Eddie                                       

   LP         ABC                     
 ABC 444   Tahitian Paradis  VG+ G+  WLP back cvr torn      30.00  .

   Lundberg               Victor                                      

   LP         Liberty                 
 LST-7547  An Open Letter    NM  VG+ sr                     30.00  
   Lyman                  Abe                                         

   LP         Hindsight               
 HSR-184   The Uncollected   VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Lyman                  Arthur                                      

   LP         HIFI                    
 R808      Bwana a           VG  VG  sr                     18.00  
   LP         Life                    
 L-1005    Colorful Percuss  VG+ VG  rw woc                 15.00  
   Lynn                   Vera                                        

   LP         London                  
 LL 3294   Golden Hits       VG  VG  promo sticker blu      25.00  
   Mahavishnu Orchestra                                                

   LP         CBS                     
 S69076    Apocolypse        VG+ VG+ Import Holland         35.00  
   LP         Columbia                
 KC 31996  Birds of Fire     VG  G+  woc wol                 3.00  
   Mahogany Rust                                                       

   LP         Columbia                
 JC 35257  Live - Frank Mar  VG+ VG  sr                     10.00  
   Makem                  Tommy                                       

   LP         Columbia                
 CS 9545   sings Tommy Make                                  15.00  
   Mandolini di Napoli                                                 

   LP         ABC                     
 ABCS 389  Music of Don Mar  VG+ VG+ woc                    15.00  .


   LP         Polydor                 
 PD 5043   Composite Truth   VG+ VG+ sr                     18.00  
   Mangione               Chuck                                       

   LP         A&M                     
 SP-3715   Fun and Games     VG+ VG+                        15.00  
 SP-4518   Chase the Clouds  VG+ VG+ sr                     12.00  
 SP-4658   Feels So Good     VG+ VG+ CRC issue              15.00  
 SP-4658   Feels So Good     VG+ VG+                        12.00  
   LP         Mercury                 
 SRM-2-860 Best of           NM  NM  2 LP                   20.00  
   Manilow                Barry                                       

   LP         Bell                    
 1314      II                G+  G+  rw lyric sheet          3.00  
   Mann Singers           Johnny                                      

   LP         Liberty                 
 LST-7296  Golden Folk Song  VG  VG  WLP sr                 15.00  
   Mannheim Steamroller                                                

   LP         American Gramap         
 AG 359    Fresh Aire II     VG+ VG+                        15.00  
 AG-1984   Christmas         VG+ VG+                        15.00  
 AG-355    Fresh Aire        VG+ VG+                        15.00  
 AG-365    Fresh Aire III    VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Mann's Earth Band      Manfred                                     

   LP         Polydor                 
 PD 6019   Solar Fire        VG  G+  rw sm splt              6.00  

   LP         London                  
 LL 3448   Mantovani Magic   G+  VG+                         4.00  
 LL 570    Collection of Fa  VG  VG                          8.00  
 LL746     Music of Victor   G+  VG                          6.00  
 PS 112    Music from the F  VG  VG+ blue back              10.00  .
 PS 526    Mantovani Touch   G+  VG+                         5.00  
   MANZANERA              PHIL                                        

   LP         Polydor                 
 2302.062  DIAMOND HEAD      VG+ VG+ Import sr              18.00  
 PD-1-6718 K-Scope           VG+ VG  sr                     12.00  
   Maria                  Tania                                       

   LP         Capitol                 
 C1-90966  Forbidden Colors  NM  NM  sr sm                  25.00  
   Marley                 Bob                                         

   LP         Ala                     
 ALA 1982  Shakedown         MIN NM  coh promo sticker      25.00  
   LP         Island                  
 ILPS 9241 Catch a Fire      MIN NM  cc                     25.00  
 ILPS 9517 Kaya              NM  VG+ cc                     20.00  
   LP         Trojan                  
 TRLS 62   African Herbsman  NM  NM  import                 50.00  
 TRLS 89   Rasta Revolution  NM  NM  import                 30.00  
   MASON PROFFIT                                                       

   LP         HAPPY TIGER             
 HT-1009   MASON PROFFIT     VG+ VG+ soc rw                 25.00  

   LP         Philadelphia In         
 KZ 33158  Universal Love    VG+ VG+ cve split              12.00  
   Montana Skyline                                                     

   LP         Snow                    
 2022      Full Moon Empty   NM  NM                         20.00  
   Neher                  John                                        

   LP         Epic                    
 LN 3396   Basso Profundo    VG  VG  rw Bbshop quart        12.00  
   Nero                   Peter                                       .
   LP         RCA                     
 LSP-3720  Plays..Herb Alpe  VG+ VG+                        12.00  
   Observer All Stars     King Tubby                                  

   LP         Attack                  
 ATLP 1017 Dubbing with the  MIN MIN import                200.00  
   Odessa Balalaikas                                                   

   LP         Nonesuch                
 D-79034   Art of the Balal  VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Pandit                 Korla                                       

   LP         Fantasy                 
 3284      Latin Holiday     VG  VG  red vinyl              20.00  
   Paris                  Sarina                                      

   12"        Priority                
 SPRO-8149 Just about Enoug  VG+ VG+ 4 mixes                 8.00  
   Perrey & Kingsley                                                   

   LP         Vanguard                
 VSD 79264 Kaleidoscopic Vi  VG  VG+                        20.00  
   PLATTERS               THE                                         

   LP         Mercury                 
 MG 20841  CHRISTMAS WITH    VG+ VG+ coh                    20.00  
   Pourcel                Frank                                       

   LP         Imperial                
 LP-12343  Man and a Woman   VG+ VG+                        20.00  
 LP-12357  French Touch      VG+ VG+                        15.00  
 LP-12383  Love is Blue      VG+ VG+                        12.00  
   Quinn                  Carmel                                      

   LP         Columbia                
 CL 629    Arthur Godfrey P  VG+ VG  6 eyes sm splt         12.00  .

   REBROFF                IVAN                                        

   LP         CBS                     
 S 63059   Singt Volksweise  VG+ VG+ IMPORT - Germany       25.00  
   LP         Columbia                
 C 31023   Somewhere My Lov  VG+ VG+ in English             25.00  
   Redeker                Daryl & Renee                               

   LP         Pinup                   
 ANGL 2001 Hide and Seek     NM  VG+                        25.00  
   Repp                   Ray                                         

   LP         F.E.L.                  
 S-022     Mass for Young A  VG+ VG+ sr                     30.00  
   Righteous Mothers                                                   

   LP         Nexus                   
 N102      Righteous Mother  NM  VG+ Autographed by al      25.00  
 N102      Righteous Mother           sr                     15.00  
   Rock Opera                                                          

   LP         OAK                     
 OR 1001   Truth of Truths   VG+ VG                         25.00  
   San Jose State Colleg  Alumni                                      

   78         RCA                     
 QC-6851   Memories with Mu                                  10.00  
   Serrano                Juan                                        

   LP         Elektra                 
 EKS-7227  Ole, La Mano      VG+ VG+                        20.00  
   Sharples               Bob                                         

   LP         London                  
 SP 44001  Pass in Review    VG  VG+ soc                    12.00  
 SP 44001  Pass in Review    VG  VG+ soc sr                 10.00  .

   Sherman                Allan                                       

   LP         Warner Brothers         
 W 1475    My son the Folk   VG+ VG  RW                     10.00  
   Skynyrd                Lynyrd                                      

   LP         MCA                     
 MCA-3047  Skynyrd's First   VG+ VG+                        18.00  
   SLATKIN                FELIX                                       

   LP         CAPITOL                 
 SP 8421   Strauss Waltzes   VG+ VG+ RAINBOW LOS Holly      12.00  
   Spivey                 Victoria                                    

   LP         Folkways                
 FS 3541   The Blues is Lif  NM  NM  w/ booklet             75.00  
   STATLER BROTHERS                                                    

   LP         Columbia                
 CS 9878   Oh Happy Day      VG  VG                          8.00  
   Sundsvall Chamber Cho                                               

   LP         Prophone                
 7864      Swedish Singers   VG+ VG+ import                 20.00  
   Tomlinson / Kennedy    Tom / Jerry                                 

   LP         MERCURY                 
 SR 60626  GUITAR'S GREATES  VG+ VG+ SOC SR                 20.00  
 SR 60626  Guitar's Greates  VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   TORNQUIST              Evie                                        

   LP         Word                    
 8867      Unfailing Love    VG+ VG+                        15.00  

   12"        Island                  
 12 IS 109 Two Hearts Beat   VG+ VG  import 3 cuts          25.00  .
   LP         Island                  
 90581     Joshua Tree       VG  VG+                        13.00  
   United Methodist Chur  Edmonds                                     

   LP         Kirkwood                
 UEMC-101  Bell Sounds from  VG+ VG+ autograph by dire      25.00  
   Various                Alternative                                 

   LP         Immortal                
 8 50364   Strait Up         SS  NM  2 LP                   25.00  
   Various                Bluegrass                                   

   LP         Folkways                
 FA 2434   37th old-time fi  VG+ VG  sr sm splt             50.00  
   Vaughn                 Billy                                       

   LP         Haishan                 
 HS 174    Plays Movie Hits  VG+ VG+ Import                 10.00  
   Violins of Villa Font                                               

   LP         RCA Internation         
 FPM-103   Magic Violins of  VG+ VG+                        15.00  
   Watts                  Shelley                                     

   LP         Getty                   
 CS-0040   Prisms of Love    VG+ VG+ signed by songwri      20.00  
   Wilfahrt               Whoopee John                                

   LP         Decca                   
 DL 74298  Polkas Waltzes S  VG  VG  rw woc wol              6.00  
   Wilson                 Justin                                      

   LP         Tower                   
 T 5090    How Y'all Are!    VG  VG                         10.00  
   Zimmer / Roberts       Norma / Jim                                 .
   LP         Word                    
 W-3417    Beautiful Savior  VG  VG                          8.00  

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