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Abramoff Ter LP Barclay Panache Promenade En Russie 820 183 VG+ VG+ import - russia - balalai 20.00
Amen Corner LP Deram Round Amen Corner SML 1021 NM VG+ import sr 50.00
Antoine LP Disques Vogue Antoine CLD-725 VG+ VG+ french import 200.00
Aphrodite'S Child LP Mercury Greatest Hits LP 5861 NM NM import 50.00
B-52'S 33 12" Warner Brothers Mesopotamia MINI-3641 VG+ VG+ new zealand import 15.00
Baez Joan LP Epic Europa Tournee 84792 VG+ VG+ import holland 15.00
Beatles 45 EP Parlophone Magical Mystery Tou SMMT-1 NM VG+ import - 2 discs in book 80.00 Beatles LP Apple 1962-1966 PCSP 717 NM NM import - red vinyl 75.00 1967-1970 PCSP 718 NM NM import - blue vinyl 60.00 Abbey Road PCS 7088 NM NM import 30.00 Let It Be PCS 7096 VG+ import - with large "get 300.00 Yellow Submarine PCS 7070 NM VG+ import 45.00 LP Impact Beatle'S First 6886 556 SS import - sealed 100.00 LP Karussell In The Beginning 2652 045 MINT import 75.00 LP Odeon Rubber Soul SMO 84 066 VG+ import 50.00 LP Parlophone Beatles For Sale PCS 3062 VG+ import cover only 10.00 Sgt. Pepper PCS 7027 VG+ import - cover only with 12.00
Bee Gees LP Polydor ... 1St 583 012 VG+ VG+ import 75.00 Horizontal 583 020 VG+ VG+ import 50.00 Idea 583 036 VG+ VG+ import 50.00 Odessa 583 049/50 VG+ VG+ import felt cover 100.00 Rare Precious Vol 1 236 221 VG+ VG+ import 50.00 Rare Precious Vol 2 236 513 VG+ VG+ import 40.00 Rare Precious Vol 3 236 556 VG+ VG+ import 40.00
Berry Chuck LP Marble Arch Chuck Berry MAL 611 VG+ VG+ import 20.00
Blind Faith LP Polydor Blind Faith 583 059 VG+ VG+ import - nude cover 100.00
Blodwyn Pig LP Island Ahead Rings Out ILPS 9101 VG+ VG+ import 75.00
Bobb B. Soxx And The Blue 45 London Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah DL 20675 NM import - phil spector pro 50.00 Bobb B. Soxx And The Blue LP Phil Spector Zip-A-Dee Doo Dah 2307 004 NM import - phil spector wal 100.00
Bonzo Dog Band LP Liberty Doughnut In Granny' LBS 83158 VG+ VG+ import - urban spaceman - 100.00
Brown Arthur LP Gull Chisolm In My Bosom 6.26041 NM VG+ german import 30.00
Budgie LP Rca Nightflight LP 6003 VG+ VG uk import 20.00
Bulgarian State Female Cho LP 4Ad Volume 2 (Le Myster CAD 801 VG+ VG+ import - england 20.00
Calloway Cab LP Ace Of Hearts King Of Hi-De-Ho AH 106 VG+ VG+ import sr 30.00
Cash Johnny LP Charly Old Golden Throat CR 300005 NM NM import 70.00
Clark Petula LP Vogue Hello Paris 2Lp PC 2 VG+ VG import france 50.00 Petula 65 LD 671 30 NM VG+ import france 110.00
Climax Blues Band LP Parlophone Chicago Blues Band PCS 7069 VG+ VG+ import 40.00 LP Warner Brothers Shine On K56461 VG+ VG+ import sr 25.00
Como Perry LP K-Tel 40 Greatest NE 700 VG VG+ import (uk) 2 lp 25.00
Cupid'S Inspiration LP Nems Yesterday Has Gone 6-63553 NM VG+ import 100.00
Davis Miles LP Black Cat Bitches Brew BC-4194 VG+ VG+ import asia 100.00 LP Cbs Miles At Newport 63417 VG+ VG import soc sr 4.00
Davis Spencer LP Fontana Second Album, The TL5295 VG+ VG+ import 30.00
Dee (Dozy,Beaky,Mick Dave LP Fontana If Music Be The Foo STL5388 VG+ VG+ import 40.00
Deep Purple LP Parlophone Shades Of ... PCS 7055 VG+ VG+ import 75.00
Documentary LP Argo 60 Years Of Motorin ZNF 2 VG+ VG+ montagu motor museum w/ b 75.00
Donovan LP Marble Arch Universal Soldier MAL 718 VG+ VG+ import 30.00 What'S Bin Did & Wh MAL 795 VG+ VG+ import 30.00
Dunbar Aynsley LP Liberty Doctor Dunbar'S Pre LBS 83177E VG+ VG+ import 125.00 Retaliation LBS 83154E VG+ VG+ import 100.00
Dylan Bob LP Cbs Greatest Hits 62847 VG+ VG+ import 75.00
Easybeats LP United Artists Vigil SULP 1193 NM VG+ import 120.00
Eddie And The Hot Rods LP Island Life On The Line ILPS 9509 NM NM import uk 50.00
Electric Light Orchestra LP Harvest Light Shines On SHSM 2015 VG+ VG+ import 100.00
Emerson Lake And Palmer LP Island Pictures At An Exhi HELP 1 NM NM import 100.00
Enigma 33 12" Virgin Sadeness Part I DINST 101 SS NM maxi-single import 30.00
Family LP Reprise Family Entertainmen RSLP 6340 MINT import - with poster 50.00 Music In A Dolls Ho RSLP 6312 NM import 100.00
Fanshawe David LP Philips African Sanctus 6558 001 NM import - promo sticker 50.00
Fischer-Z LP Liberty Work Salad 1575091 NM NM import neth 35.00 LP United Artists Going Deaf For A Li 30295 NM NM import uk 30.00
Flamin' Groovies 45 EP United Artists REM 406 VG+ VG+ import sr 100.00
Fleetwood Mac LP Blue Horizon Mr. Wonderful 7-63205 VG+ VG+ import 70.00 Peter Green'S Fleet 7-63200 VG+ VG+ import 70.00
Fogelberg Dan LP Epic Innocent Age, The 36-3P-305 NM NM japan import obi 20.00 Phoenix 25-3P-170 NM NM japan import obi 15.00
Free LP Island Tons Of Sob ILPS 9089 VG+ VG+ import 75.00
Fun Boy Three 45 12" Chrysalis Our Lips Are Sealed FUNBX 1 NM VG+ import uk 15.00 Fun Boy Three LP Chrysalis Fun Boy Three CHR 1383 NM VG+ import uk poster 30.00
Geesin & Waters LP Harvest Body, Music From Th SHSP 4008 VG+ VG+ import sr pink floyd 30.00
Gill Elmer LP Rada At Benihana Of Toky RST 1114 VG+ VG+ canada import 12.00
Goon Show LP Parlophone Goon Again PMC 7062 VG VG+ import - 1955/1956 broadc 40.00 Goon But Not Forgot PMC 7037 VG+ VG+ import 70.00
Gothic Voices LP Hyperion Feather On The Brea A 66039 VG+ VG+ hildegard von bingen impo 25.00
Grappelli Stephane LP Polydor 2 Of A Kind 236 502 NM VG+ import - with svend asmus 35.00
Groundhogs LP Liberty Scratching The Surf LBS 83199E VG+ import 100.00
Gun LP Cbs Gun 63552 VG+ VG+ import 75.00
Hadjidakis Manos LP Odeon Lilacs Out Of The D OMCGA 11 VG+ VG+ greek import sr 40.00
Hallyday Johnny LP Philips Generation Perdue, P 70.381 MINTNM import france sr 200.00 Johnny Hallyday P 842,157 MINTNM import france sr 400.00 Sings America'S Roc P 77.387 MINTNM import france sr 200.00
Hapsash And The Coloured C LP Liberty Western Flier LBS 83212E VG+ VG+ import sr 150.00
Harris Rolf LP Emi Rolf Harris Show SX 6216 VG+ VG+ import 50.00
Harrison George LP Apple Wonderwall Music SAPCOR 1 VG+ VG+ import 60.00
Hartley Band Keef LP Deram Halfbreed DML 1037 VG+ VG+ import 50.00
Heath Ted LP 10" Decca Tempo For Dancers LF 1037 VG VG+ import paper sleeve ffrr 20.00
Hendrix Jimi LP Track Smash Hits 613004 VG+ VG+ import 50.00
Hollier Tim LP United Artists Message To A Harleq SULP1211 VG+ VG+ import sr 50.00
Hollies LP Parlophone Greatest PCS 7057 VG+ VG+ import 25.00
Holly Buddy LP Mca Coral (Import Chirping Crickets CDLM 8035 VG+ VG+ import 75.00 Complete ... Story COPS 7100 VG+ VG+ import - 6 lp set 300.00 Legend CDMSP 802 VG+ VG+ 2 lp set - import 60.00 Nashville Sessions CLDM 8038 VG+ NM import 75.00
Hopkin Mary LP Apple Post Card SAPCOR 5 VG+ VG+ import 150.00
Horslips LP Horslips Records Drive The Cold Wint MOO 9 VG+ VG+ import sr 50.00
Humblebums LP Transatlantic First Collection Of TRA 186 NM VG+ import rw 150.00
Jethro Tull LP Island Stand Up ILPS 9103 NM VG+ import - pop-up folder co 75.00 This Was ILPS 9085 VG+ VG+ import 60.00 This Was ILPS 9085 VG+ VG+ import 50.00
John Elton LP Djm Empty Sky DJLPS 403 NM VG+ import - distributed in t 40.00 Empty Sky DJLPS 403 VG VG import - distributed in t 10.00
Kern Woody LP Pye Awful Disclosures O NSPL 18273 NM VG+ import 200.00
Kinks The LP Marble Arch Sunny Afternoon MAL 716 NM NM import 30.00 Well Respected Kink MAL 612 SS import - sealed 30.00
Korner Alexis LP Liberty New Generation Of B LBS 83147E VG+ VG+ import 75.00
Laforet Marie LP Festival Album 2 FLD 359 S NM VG+ import 50.00 Album 3 FLD 380 S NM VG+ import 50.00
Laine Cleo LP Drg One More Day SL5198 VG+ VG+ import canada 10.00
Larsen Kim LP Medley Yummi Yummi MDLP 6335 NM VG+ import holland 25.00
Led Zeppelin LP Atlantic Led Zeppelin I I 40 037 VG+ VG+ import germ 20.00
Legend LP Bell Legend SBLL 115 VG+ VG+ import 125.00
Lewis Jerry Lee LP Charly Nuggets Volume 2 CR30129 NM NM import 100.00 Rare ... Volume 1 CR30006 NM NM import 100.00 The Original .... CR30111 NM NM import 100.00
Lomax Jackie LP Apple Is This What You Wa SAPCOR 6 NM VG+ import - with special sle 100.00
Loud Jets LP Fono-Rex Homenane A Elvis Pr FRS-26 VG+ import - mexican 80.00
Loussier Jacques LP Rca Victor Joue Kurt Weill 430.071 VG+ VG+ import sr 30.00
Man LP Pye Revelation NSPL 18275 NM import 100.00
Mann Manfred LP Fontana What A Mann SFL 13003 NM NM import 50.00
March Peggy 45+PS Rca Romeo Und Julia 47-15007 VG+ VG+ german import 40.00
Marmalade LP Cbs There'S A Lot Of It 63414 NM VG+ import 50.00
Mayall John LP Decca Bare Wires SKL 4945 NM VG+ import 50.00 Blues From Laurel C SKL 4972 NM VG+ import 100.00 Blues Giant 2Lp DS 3113 VG+ VG+ import germany 50.00 Diary Of A Band Vol SLK 16 544 NM VG+ import germany 50.00 Looking Back SKL 5010 NM VG+ import 65.00
Mc Cartney Cecil LP Columbia Om SCX 6283 NM VG+ import 75.00
Mc Tell Ralph LP Transatlantic 8 Frames A Second TRA 165 NM VG+ import 40.00 Spiral Staircase TRA 177 NM VG+ import - with lyric sleev 35.00
Melanie LP First Record Garden In The City FL-2191 VG VG japan import 30.00
Miller Roger LP Bell Song Return Of ... SWL-1037 VG+ VG+ red vinyl japanese import 50.00
Mitchell & Rosselson Adria LP Transatlantic Laugh A Song And A TRA 171 NM NM import sr 50.00
Moody Blues LP Deram Days Of Future Pass SML 707 VG+ VG+ import 75.00 In Search Of The Lo SML 711 NM NM import - fold-out cover 60.00 On The Threshold Of SML 1035 NM NM import - fold-out cover w 60.00
Move The LP Regal Zonophone Move, The SLRZ 1002 MINT import 300.00
Movies, The LP Gem India 105 NM NM import uk 30.00
Newton-John Olivia LP Emi Have You Ever Been EMS-80177 VG+ VG+ japanese import sr 25.00
Nice 45 Immediate America IM 068 NM import 100.00 Nice LP Immediate Ars Longa Vita Brev IMSP020 VG+ VG+ import sr 100.00
O. M. D. 45+PS Virgin Tesla Girls / Teleg 705 NM NM uk import 20.00
Odyssey LP Rca Hang Together LP 3045 NM VG+ import uk 100.00
Orbison Roy LP Charly The Big O CR 30008 NM NM import - old sun sessions 90.00
Original Cast LP Rso John Paul George Ri 2394 141 NM VG+ import - beatles music 35.00
Papathanassiou Vangelis LP Polydor China SPELP 19 NM NM german import w/orig slv 40.00
Peddlers The LP Cbs Three In A Cell 63411 NM VG+ import sr 50.00
Pentangle LP Transatlantic Sweet Child TRA 178 VG+ VG+ import 50.00
Perkins Carl LP Charly Original ... CR 30110 SS import - sealed 80.00 Rocking Guitarman CR 30003 SS import - sealed 100.00
Presley Elvis LP Rca 100% Rock PL 42298 SS NM import - 3 lp set - seale 250.00 LP Redwood Elvis Tapes, The RED 1 VG+ VG+ import 75.00
Price Alan LP Decca Price On His Head, SKL 4907 NM NM import 40.00
Prince 45 12" Wea 1999 92.9852-0 VG+ VG holland import rw soc 30.00
Ramones LP Nova Leave Home (W/ Shee SR 6031 NM NM import port 25.00 Ramones SR 6020 NM NM import port 75.00 LP Sire Road To Ruin SRK 6063 NM NM import uk 50.00
Rebroff Ivan LP Cbs Mein Altes Russland S 65737 NM NM import - russia - with in 35.00
Richard Cliff LP Columbia Best Of Cliff, The C 062-04 08 NM NM import 75.00
Ronettes LP Phil Spector Sing Their Greatest 2307 003 SS import - phil spector wal 75.00
Ronstadt Linda LP Capitol Southern Belle 050.85068 VG+ VG+ gold vinyl import nl 20.00
Roussos Demis LP Philips Forever And Ever 6325 021 VG+ VG+ import 50.00 On The Greek Side O 6332 012 VG+ NM import 50.00
Sallyangie The LP Transatlantic Children Of The Sun TRA 176 VG+ VG+ import - sally & mike old 75.00
Sarstedt Peter LP United Artists Peter Sarstedt SULP1219 VG+ VG+ import - with lyric sheet 50.00
Shadows The LP Columbia Dance With The Shad SCX 3511 NM VG+ import blu/blk label 75.00 From Hank, Bruce, B SCX 6199 NM VG+ import blu/blk label 90.00 Jigsaw SCX 6148 NM VG+ import blu/blk label 60.00 More Hits SCX 3578 NM VG+ import blu/blk label 60.00 Shadows, The SCX 3414 NM VG+ import blu/blk label 75.00 Sound Of The Shadow SCX 3554 NM VG+ import blu/blk label 100.00
Shand Jimmy LP Parlophone Step We Gaily PCS 3007 VG+ VG+ import - scottish - accor 30.00
Shaw Sandie LP Pye ... Supplement, The NSPL 18232 VG+ VG+ import 30.00
Smith Huey "Piano" LP Sue Rockin' Pneumonia A ILP 917 VG+ VG+ import 100.00
Smith Patti LP Arista Easter FA 3058 NM NM import uk 20.00
Soundtrack LP Emi Stateside Touchables, The SSL 10271 VG+ VG+ import - nirvana, wynder 75.00 LP Polydor Montreal 1976 Olymp 2424 124 VG+ VG+ canada import sr 20.00
Spector Phil LP London Christmas Gift For HA-U 8141 VG+ import 150.00
Spooky Tooth LP Island Spooky Tooth ILPS 9080 NM VG+ import 50.00
Stewart Al LP Cbs Love Chronicals 63460 NM VG+ import 50.00
Stivell Alan LP Vertigo Celtic Rock 818 086 NM VG+ soc import germany 50.00
Stranglers LP Epic Feline 25237 NM VG+ import nl imbossed 15.00 LP United Artists Black And White 064-61 115 NM VG+ import germ 30.00 I V 064-99458 NM VG+ import germ 30.00 Live (Xcert) 064-62 412 NM VG+ import germ 30.00 Raven (3D) UAG 30262 VG+ VG+ import uk 80.00
Stray Cats 45 12" Arista Stray Cat Strut SCAT 123 NM NM british import 4 cuts soc 30.00
Sugar Bus 45+PS Polydor Tramp 2041 241 VG+ VG+ import (germany) 25.00
Taylor James LP Apple James Taylor SAPCOR 3 NM VG+ import 75.00
Theodorakis Mikis LP Emi-Columbia Greece Is... 2J062-70227 VG+ VG+ import 25.00
Tourists LP Logo Reality Effect 1019 NM NM import uk ann lennox 35.00 Tourists, The 1018 NM NM import port ann lennox 50.00 LP Rca Luminous Basement 5001 NM NM import uk ann lennox no s 15.00
Turner Ike LP Ember Rocks The Blues EMB 3395 NM VG+ import 100.00
Turner Ike & Tina LP London River Deep-Mountain SHU 8298 NM NM import 200.00 LP Unart Greatest Hits SHM 563 NM VG+ import 50.00
Various LP Psycho Perfumed Garden, Th 6 VG+ VG+ import - england 50.00 Various LP 10" Rso Prime Cuts 2299 001 VG+ VG+ import paper sleeve 20.00
Various Blues LP Cbs Screening The Blues 63288 VG+ VG+ import - 1920's & 1930's 50.00 LP Decca Rhythm & Blues LK 4616 MINT import - graham bond, dav 150.00
Various Oldies LP Armando Curcio Ed Grande Storia #11 GSR-11 VG+ VG import - jack scott, drif 50.00 LP Capitol Starline No One'S Gonna Chan SRS 5013 VG+ VG+ import - beatles, bee gee 200.00 LP Charly Roots Of Rock - Cat CR 30101 VG+ VG+ import 75.00 Roots Of Rock - Cot CR 30104 VG+ VG+ import 75.00 Roots Of Rock - Del CR 30103 VG+ VG+ import 75.00 Roots Of Rock - Reb CR 30105 VG+ VG+ import 75.00 Roots Of Rock - Sam CR 30102 VG+ VG+ import 75.00 LP Odeon 14 Big Hits PSQ 056 VG+ VG+ import - pink floyd, clif 100.00 LP Phil Spector Rare Masters 2307 008 VG+ VG+ import - phil spector wal 75.00
Vincent Gene 45+PS Emi Pathe Story Of The Rocker 2C006 98607 NM VG+ import - picture sleeve 50.00 Vincent Gene LP Capitol Capitol Golden Year 81798/8 NM NM import 2 lp 40.00 Greatest CAPS 1001 NM NM import 30.00 LP Emi Pioneers Of Rock V1 SRS 5117 NM NM import 30.00
Walker Brothers LP Philips ... Story DBL 002 NM VG+ import 40.00 LP Wing Fabulous ... WL 1188 NM VG+ import 30.00
Walker Scott LP Ember Looking Back With.. EMB 3393 NM VG+ import 50.00
War LP United Artists All Day Music AW-2003 NM VG import japan obi 125.00
Web The LP Deram Fully Interlocking SML 1025 VG+ VG+ import 75.00
White Noise LP Island An Electric Storm ILPS 9099 NM VG+ import 60.00
Xtc LP Virgin English Settlement V 2223 VG+ VG+ import 2 lp sr soc 25.00

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