If you haven't received return e-mails from Post-Age Collectibles...
  and you have a Comcast email account...
    complain to Comcast.

If you have a Comcast email account, you may find that you have not received an email from us -- or, perhaps, from a friend or business -- that you've been expecting.

That's because Comcast takes it upon itself to 'blacklist' legitimate emails -- including important responses from Post-Age Collectibles -- and never explains why.

Here is an example of the reply we often receive when we try to send email to a Comcast customer:

   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----


----- Transcript of session follows -----
... host gateway-r.comcast.net.[] said:
>>> MAIL From:<someaddress@xxxxx.com>
<<< 550- blocked by ldap:ou=rblmx,dc=comcast,dc=net
<<< 550 Blocked for abuse. Please send blacklist removal requests to
blacklist_comcastnet@cable.comcast.com - Be sure to include your mail
server IP ADDRESS.(in reply to MAIL FROM command)

Comcast has blacklisted Post-Age Collectibles on numerous occasions. They have never provided an explanation why they have done so, and have never provided a method for being identified as a proper sender to their users.

Post-Age Collectibles has never spammed.

What can you do as one of our customers?

You need to complain to Comcast that they are improperly blocking emails that are important to you.

What can Comcast email users do about this?

This is an extremely poor business practice! We suggest you complain to your Comcast customer service rep. If they won't listen, well... if your email service relies on a company that won't let you decide what kind of mail you want, you should consider getting a new email provider.

Do a google search on "comcast blacklist" and you will see more.